Terry Isson

Welcome to my research group page. For me life began on the island country of Singapore where I spent most days on a sailboat. I spent two years with the Naval Diving Unit, in the Underwater Demolition Group, before moving to Scotland where I obtained my bachelors degree from the University of St Andrews. Subsequently, I relocated to America to to pursue my Ph.D. at Yale University. I am now a faculty member at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, based in the beautiful city of Tauranga.

My research most broadly focuses on better understanding global biogeochemical cycles, both in the modern, and also its evolution throughout Earth’s history. I integrate field, petrographic, geochemical and laboratory experimentation with numerical models, in order to test hypothesis of global change that concern the co-evolution of microbial life and its environment. A central theme of my research is to better understand the processes that regulate the global carbon cycle, and the mechanisms that give rise to planetary climate stability. I am also working to explore the efficacy of enhanced silicate rock weathering in both the terrestrial and marine environment as a means of carbon capture and sequestration.